Redefining home automation with
a self-sufficient ecosystem, top-of-the-line voice assistance and unrivalled privacy.
Open source included.

MajorDom Hub

MajorDom Hub

Your provider to a secure, private, autonomous and truly automated smart home ecosystem.

MajorDom Audio

MajorDom Audio

A smart speaker with great sound and built-in Archie, the top-of-the-line voice assistant.

True Automation
Autonomous Ecosystem
Matter Support
Privacy First
Ultimate Security
A.R.C.H.I.E Voice Assistant
Merlin Radio Protocol
Open Source
DIY Integration

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Welcome to MajorDom

15 min read

In the world of smart homes, you often have to choose between usability and functionality. Thinking about what an ideal smart home could be, we came up with the idea of MajorDom — a system that seeks to change this balance and simplify life without sacrifice. In this post, we'll share our vision and some core principles of the new ecosystem, including privacy, autonomy, and broad device support.

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